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15 Outdoor Winter Activities

Updated: Aug 7

It's that time of year where we SOMETIMES dread going out in the cold. But there's still so much we can do in the winter months. Keep reading for 15 fun outdoor winter activities and get outside and explore!

1. Make Frozen Sun Catchers

Make these frozen ice rainbow sun catchers with Twig and Toadstool. So cool!

2. Go on a Nature Walk

Instead of throwing out your empty egg carton, take it with you on a nature walk and collect winter nature finds. Then make something amazing with them!

3. Make a Garden Xylophone

With glass jars, dirt, grass, rocks, water, mud, and two sticks you can make your own instruments. Check out The Moments At Home for directions.

4. Make a Cast of an Animal Track

What tracks can you find out on the trails this winter? Why not make a cast of some that you come across! Visit Blissful Domestication for directions.

5. Find and Sort Pinecones

One of our favorite fall and winter activities is heading out on a pine cone scavenger hunt. Then we use them for our nature crafts. Need some ideas for craft ideas? Try these:

- Try a pine cone garland

- Make a yarn wrapped pine cone ornament

- Paint with them

- Make a pine cone mobile

6. Go on a Wildlife Hunt

Head outside and see what wildlife you can find. Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean the wildlife are all hiding away! Want to help wildlife in the cold winter months? Head over here to learn more.

7. Feed the Birds

Winter is a great season to identify birds. Put out a homemade (or store-bought) feeder and see which birds stop by! We made the above feeder with a chicken feeder and a cleaned out spaghetti sauce jar. Just make sure you provide good quality feed for the birds and bring your feeders inside if you notice unwanted wildlife in your yard.

8. Explore Shapes and Sizes

Explore some of your nature finds even further. Measure. Find different textures, shapes, and colors. Draw them in your nature journal.

9. Take a Hike

There is no rule against hiking in winter. There are so many new and different things you will see on the trail once the weather gets colder! Check out this Recommended Winter Day Hiking Gear List.

10. Go Sledding

There are many different types of sleds, including:

- Toboggan – a long sled without runners, the old-fashioned kind are made from wood.

- Saucers – a round, curved sled usually made out of metal or plastic (which Miss M is using above)

- Flexible Flyer – a steerable wooden sled with thin runners.

-Inflatable sled – lightweight sleds (we bought an inflatable unicorn sled for Miss M this Christmas which she is SO EXCITED ABOUT!).

Which one will you try?

11. Try a New Winter Sport

Did you know the first recognized Winter Olympic Games was held in 1924 in Chamonix, France. You can read about the history of the Olympic Games here.

12. Find a Frozen Waterfall

Trust me, you will not regret finding a frozen waterfall! They are AMAZING!

13. Try Geocaching

Learn more about geocaching here.

14. Look for Nests

With all of the leaves off the trees it's easier to spot nests. Make sure you look all around. We spotted this nest built in a fallen tree over a pond.

15. Have a Snowball Fight

Did you know that the world's largest snowball fight happened on January 31, 2016 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Click here to learn more.


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