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16 Children’s Books to Read this Last Month of Summer

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With everything going on this year, summer has seemed to slip right through my fingers. Before too long, it will be time for pumpkins and Christmas trees. But not yet! I want to savor this last month of summer. I want to soak in the sunshine, enjoy the grass between my toes, and look around and notice all the wondrous things that summer has brought with it. And I also want to read (because I never stop reading), so I thought I’d look for some great books to read to my youngest to end this summer with a bang! Do you have any you would add to the list?

My Friend Earth by Patricia MacLachlan and illustrated by Francesca Sanna

A Stone Sat Still by Brendan Wenzel

The Keeper of Wild Words by Brooke Smith and illustrated by Madeline Kloepper

The Hike by Alison Farrell

Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt by Kate Messner and illustrated by Christopher Silas Neal

Ocean Anatomy by Julia Rothman

The Big Book of Blooms by Yuval Zomme

Migration: Incredible Animal Journeys by Mike Unwin and illustrated by Jennie Desmond

Smart About Sharks by Owen Davey

The Honeybee by Kirsten Hall and illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault

Over and Under the Pond by Kate Messner and illustrated by Christopher Silas Neal

The Wonders of Summer by Kealy Connor Lonning

tiny, perfect things by M.H. Clark and illustrated by Madeline Kloepper

Wild by Emily Hughes

Summer Song by Kevin Henkel and illustrated by Laura Dronzek

Outside In by Deborah Underwood and illustrated by Cindy Derby

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