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8 Facts about Birdsong

Updated: Aug 7

1. There are many birds who sing notes too high for humans to hear. The Starling is one of those birds.

2. A Woodpecker will drum its beak against a tree instead of singing. Other Woodpeckers can identify which bird it is by listening to the drumming.

3. Mockingbirds and Lyrebirds are among the many birds that can mimic other birds. The Marsh Warbler, however, can mimic more than seventy different birds!

4. The song of a European Wren is made of more than 700 notes a minute and can be heard 1650 feet away.

5. Songbirds are not born knowing their song. They must listen to the adult birds singing to learn their population's "language".

6. Songbirds of the same species can have different dialects based on their geographical area.

7. Songbirds may take up to 30 mini-breaths per second to keep up their song.

8. If you hear a bird singing, most likely it's a male. Females use simpler calls.

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