• Trish

Creating Micro-Ecosystems from Pond and Creek Water

Updated: Aug 7

Yesterday was a pond and creek kind of day so we loaded the little ones into our cars and headed out to the water! While there we thought we would create some micro-ecosystems. They each created one from pond water and one from creek water. I think their favorite part was finding rocks and plants from the water to add to the containers. We're really excited to see what differences (if any) we see between the two water sources!

Micro-ecosystems are a great way to study life that is present in water. They are easy to start and all you have to do is place them in indirect sunlight (mine are in my living room away on the other side of the room from the window).

To create your own micro-ecosystem, head to a pond and collect water, sand/bottom debris, and plants. Fill your jar with these, leaving some air at the top. Seal your jar, place in indirect sunlight, and wait. After a while you should notice various worms, water fleas, and other creepy-crawlies spontaneously pop up in your jar.

Note: Do not add any fish, tadpoles, or insects to the jar.

Happy Spring!


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