Day 1 | 41 Days of Eco-Conscious Living

Updated: Aug 7

♻️ Day 1 of 41 Days of Eco-Conscious Living ♻️

S H O P L O C A L L Y ! • • • • • Shopping locally can have a huge impact on local economy and environmental sustainability. 1. It creates more local jobs and it keeps your money in the local economy. More local business owners tend to hire people who represent the local population which helps low-income communities since 40% of local businesses are in these areas. 2. Shopping locally strengthens local networks. It provides access to local expertise about which products and services work best in your geographic area. 3. Shopping locally also has a large impact on environmental sustainability. Customers can walk to local shops which reduces use of cars and buses. Plus purchasing local goods reduces the environmental impact of long-distance transportation of goods.

• • • • • These are just a few great environmental impacts of shopping locally. What other reasons can you think of?


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