Day 4 | 41 Days of Eco-Conscious Living

♻️ Day 4 of 41 Days of Eco-Conscious Living ♻️




S T R A W!

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No one really knows exactly how many plastic straws are used a day worldwide. One estimate out there is 500 million plastic straws are used a day in America alone. Whatever the actual number is, it is way too many! Plastic straws are used for a very short time and then thrown away. And a lot end up in the ocean.

So, what are some alternatives to single-use plastic straws?

Have you tried bamboo straws like these from Bambu LLC? Such a great natural alternative!

You can also find bamboo straws at Grove Collaborative, Brush with Bamboo, Life Without Plastic, and The Other Straw.

I've seen many people using stainless steel straws like these from Klean Kanteen. There are straws that don't have the silicone tip if you prefer that!

You can also find stainless steel straws at Ocean & Company, Thrive Market, and pretty much anywhere you look!

I admit, paper straws are my least favorite alternative to use but I've read these paper straws from Aardvark Straws are pretty awesome compared to other paper straws.

Glass straws like these from Simply Straws are just so pretty! I haven't tried them yet but it's next on my list :)

You can also find glass straws at Grove Collaborative, Hummingbird Straws, and Glass Dharma.

Skip the straw altogether! This is my standard go-to unless I'm in the car and need a straw.

• • • • •

These are just a few alternatives to plastic straws. What other ideas can you think of?

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