Day 8 | 41 Days of Eco-Conscious Living

Updated: Aug 7

♻️ Day 8 of 41 Days of Eco-Conscious Living ♻️


S O U R C E D F O O D !

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Although it may be harder to find, there are many advantages to eating locally sourced food.

1. You are supporting the local economy - keeping money in your community, providing jobs, and helping local families.

2. The food travels less miles so you cut back on greenhouse gas emissions.

3. You can experience local and seasonal food.

4. It preserves small farm land.

5. It promotes accountability.

6. You become part of a community.

But where can you find locally sourced food?

- Try your local farmer's market or grocery store.

- Look for Community Supported Agriculture programs (CSAs) and local food stands.

- Get involved in a community garden.

More ideas to encourage locally sourced food use in your community:

- Talk to local restaurants about including locally sourced food on their menu.

- Host community tastings of locally sourced food.

- Visit local farmers and get to know them.

- Volunteer at a community garden.

- Donate locally sourced food to community food banks.

- Encourage your school system to include locally sourced food in their menu.

This is just a starting point to encourage you to seek out locally sourced foods. Every community is different so look around, do some research, and see what you can find out about your community!

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