• Trish

How Big Will Your Bean Plant Grow? (Testing Soil Quality)

Updated: Aug 7

Today, Miss M and I decided to start the Testing Soil Quality experiment. Super simple experiment to do and she LOVED digging in the "dirt"! She filled clay pots with soil from under a Sweet Gum tree in our backyard and from next to the stump of a Weeping Cherry tree we had to cut down last year. She then added 3 dried Adzuki Beans to each pot and gave them a drink of water. The pots are sitting in our garden, soaking in the sunshine and enjoying the warm weather! As soon as they start to grow we will measure them and see which bean plant grows the tallest.

Would you like to try this experiment too?

What You Will Need:

* Garden soil * Trowel * Water * Small flowerpots with saucers

* Bean seeds * Tall stakes * Ruler


* Gather samples of soil from around your yard, making sure to get different types of soil. Fill the small flowerpots with the soil samples and label them (such as "hard soil from under the tree" or "soft, fluffy soil from the flower garden", etc).

* Water the pots and plant two or three beans in each one. Put a stake in each pot for the beans to climb. Keep the soil moist (not super wet).

* Notice which beans sprout first. Which beans grow the tallest? Measure the plants every few days until they flower and write down your observations. Which soil was the best?

Have Fun!


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