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Make Your Own Cloud in a Jar

Updated: Aug 7

A great way to study clouds is to make your own cloud in a jar! It's simple, fun, and a fantastic way to learn how clouds are formed.

What you need:

* a jar with a lid

* 1/3 cup hot water (not boiling)

* several ice cubes

* hairspray


1. Pour the hot water into the jar and swirl around just enough to warm the sides. Keep the water in the jar.

2. Turn the lid upside down and place on top of the jar. Place ice cubes in the lid and let sit for about 20 seconds.

3. Lift the lid and spray hairspray into the jar. Replace the lid, keeping the ice cubes on top.

4. Watch the cloud form!

5. When you see a good bit of condensation form in the jar, remove the lid and allow the "cloud" to escape.

How it works:

When warm water is added to the jar, some of it turns to water vapor which rises to the top. It then comes into contact with cold air (because of the ice cubes). A cloud can only form if the water vapor (which has risen to the top) has something to condense on to. In this experiment, the water vapor condenses onto the hairspray. In nature, water vapor may condense onto pollen, dust particles, air pollution, etc.

And finally, here are some nature books that have great sections on clouds:

* "We're Going on a Bear Hunt - An Adventure Field Guide" by Bear Hunt Films, Ltd.

* "Into Nature - A Creative Field Guide and Journal" by The Mindfulness Project

* "On the Nature Trail" by Backpack Explorer

* "Camp Out! - From the Back Yard to the Backwoods" by Lynn Brunelle

Happy Exploring Everyone!!!!!


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