Looking for a little extra motivation to get outside? Download our DIY Nature Activity Cards and start exploring! The download is 4 pages total. Print page one three times and then print the next three pages on the back of these. Now cut them  out and you're ready to go :) And you don't have to stop with our prompts! Print out page one and write your own prompts on the back.
Snuggle up with some hot cocoa and read with us this winter! This printable corresponds to our 20 Winter Nature Books for Kids blog post. If you'd like more information about the books, click here to read the post.
As the weather gets colder and snow starts to fall, what feelings course through your body and soul? How can winter be a symbol of something in your life?
Start you own Bug Journal! This printable contains a cute bug-filled cover and a journal page that can be printed as many times as you need.
Download our Minibeast Bingo printable and head out to see who can spot 3-in-a-row first!
Wildflowers are not only beautiful, they are also extremely beneficial to many creatures - they provide food, pollen, and shelter, just to name a few. Look around the wildflowers and see if you can find the insects and animals on this page.
A short and simple open-ended workbook to get you started in your Wildflowers nature study.
Crafting with wildflowers can be a fun and simple way to teach your child more about these natural beauties!
Head outside and see if you can find everything on our Plants Scavenger Hunt!
This is one of our favorite quotes so we made it into a free download, just for you! It is designed as an 18"x24" but you can print however you like.
Keeping a weather log can be fun and very insightful! Use our cute printable to keep track of the weather in your area.
This spring, spend some time by the pond with our Pond Life Scavenger Hunt.
Earth Day is April 22nd and it will be here before we know it. Click here to head on over to our Earth Day Printables page for fun activities focused on this wonderful world we live in!
Next time you head out on a nature scavenger hunt, bring this printable along with you and try finding nature items that match the colors. 
DIY Bird Feeder Ideas - from recycled and natural materials. 
Use this printable to track your wanderings and bird sightings for week one of April's Wander Seek Explore Project!
Work on your nature drawing with our Spring Drawing Challenge!
Spring is upon us and things are changing! Flowers are blooming. Leaves are budding. Birds are building nests and laying eggs. Life is renewing and we couldn't be any happier!
Want to learn more about those creepy-crawlies? Download the Exploring Insects Journal Prompts, grab your magnifying glass, and get outside!

A two-page beginner's guide to studying birds with instructions for DIY suet cake and Hummingbird food, ideas on studying bird nests, how to start backyard bird watching, a list of our favorite bird books, and questions to research in your quest to learn more about birds!

This simple scavenger hunt is perfect for younger and older children alike!

With spring and summer quickly approaching, the wildflowers will soon be blooming! Download "4 Simple Prompts for Sketching Wildflowers", grab your sketchbook and pencils and head out to explore.   

Make your own nature studies notebook!  Included in the download are a Nature Studies title page and section title pages for wildflowers, trees, insects, wildlife, and birds.

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